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All The Bridges Oz Launch Tour is Rolling!! The Friendship Photos are too…

We’re six shows into the tour and I’m sitting writing this in the beautiful East Kimberley. I feel so lucky to be up here, it’s special country. And I’m so stoked with how the tour’s going so far. Such a great crew to play and travel with. Tim, Dave, Alice and Jason are all very talented individuals and I’m lucky to be working with them. It feels like a long time since I’ve been properly out on the road in Australia. I guess I haven’t really been on an extensive tour like this since Live at The Yarra was released a couple of years ago. And I toured that one on my own. Which had it’s advantages, but jeez I’m loving playing with a band again.

We’ve started a little tour tradition of taking Phriend¬†Photos of punters after the shows. To celebrate our loved ones and the community that live music nurtures. This will be so special for us to look back on. And the concept is, of course, a little hat tip to the beautiful music video that Agostino Soldati made for the first single from the album, “Anyone” that you can check out HERE.


I’m very grateful for my wonderful punters that have supported me for so long. And I look forward to seeing you along the road. Tickets are available for all remaining launches on the Shows page.

Love yas xx

September 8, 2016

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