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I’m now half way through the Canadian tour, which happens to be coincidentally split into two distinct halves geographically. First half was in the East, second in the West. I got to Vancouver two nights ago, tired and emotional after a big month out East between Ontario, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia.  The Rollo Bay Fiddle Festival wrapped up the East Coast proceedings for me. It was a beautiful celebration of music, family and community. Two of my friends from the East Pointers, first cousins Tim and Koady Chaisson, are now official members of the board helping to organize the festival after their uncle Peter died (at the festival) last year. So now a couple of Peter’s sons and some of their cousins, including Tim and Koad, have taken on the fest to continue their family’s traditions. It’s a crazily beautiful thing and they nailed it. So much work and so much heart. I was honoured to be there. It was also the first year of the Rollo Bay Fiddle Fest Music Camp and I was lucky enough to be the songwriting instructor for the three days.

Quite poetically, almost, I accidentally killed my phone on the last night and lost all of my photos and voice memos from the week. I’d last updated the first morning of the music camp. I was devastated at first to have lost them but I feel like it was probably a timely reminder for me to slow down and absorb everything, to really relish every second of weeks like that. I’ll never forget how it felt to be there, how beautiful the country is and what a delightful gathering of humans congregated for the week playing some incredible music all day and all night. I don’t need photos for that. The one above I sent to my brother and his partner (as swaps for photos of my nephew…). It’s one of three that I have from the whole week.

East Coast mob are incredibly hospitable, very funny and have some of the best accents I’ve ever heard. It was a big month for me and I look forward to returning as soon as I can. I have a feeling it’s the start of a long relationship with that part of the world, however often I’ll actually make it over there. It bit me. It’s in the blood. And I left with solidified friendships, started in Australia, and a bunch of beautiful new friends. So, so good.

I’m writing this in Vancouver, beautiful in a very different way. Canada is so big and diverse. I had a great gig in East Vancouver last night and today I head off with Cat and Jane, my British Columbia Rhythm Section (BCSR), for a run of shows in all sorts of beautiful places.

Off we go again xx

July 21, 2016

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