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Melbourne June Dates Sold Out

I can’t wait to see everyone at these shows in June. And there’s still tickets available for Friday June 1st at the Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine, Victoria. I’ll be joined by the wonderful Kerryn Fields. Tickets available from the Shows Page

I’m so looking forward to coming back to Oz for these ones.


April 13, 2018

A Few Victorian Shows in June

Hello everyone,

I’m writing this in Nashville, but I’ve been spending most of my time in Toronto, Canada since the end of January. I’ve been working on some new material and staying inside. It’s been cold. I’m looking forward to being able to show everyone what I’ve been working on, and who I’ve been working on it with…

In the meantime I’m very excited to be coming back to Victoria in June to play a four shows over the weekend of June 2/3 in Melbourne at my friend Mick Thomas’s new boutique venue in the Westgarth Strip, The Merri Creek Tavern, and one at the awesome Bridge Hotel in Castlemaine on Friday the 1st of June.

As a bonus for my wonderful newsletter subscribers I opened tickets over the weekend exclusively to them, and today we’re announcing the shows publicly. As each gig has a small capacity, one has already sold out and the other three are going quickly, but there are still a few tickets left to the Saturday early show (6pm doors, 6.30 show), Saturday late show (9pm doors, show 9:30) and the Sunday evening show (6pm doors, 6.30 show) as well as the Bridge show (with special guest Kerryn Fields).

I can’t wait to come back and see everyone.

X Stringzy

April 8, 2018

FAI 2018 **OFFICIAL SHOWCASE** Friday 7pm Brookside

It’s that time again. I’m back at the Folk Alliance International Conference in Kansas City. Here’s the schedule for the week. I’m looking forward to catching up with some buddies from around the world and meeting some new people. And maaaaybe eating some BBQ… Good on me too, it should be mentioned, for getting a bunch of these flyers and posters printed and THEN realising that there’s three typos in the first quote… This is the web version – proofread. Dayum.

My official showcase is at 7pm in the Brookside room on Friday, 16th of Feb.





February 11, 2018

Info for ticket-holders for Northcote Social Club show with Jordie Lane – Wed 20th DEC

Hello my darling Melbourne, you sticky-tiled old buggar. I’ve missed you.

This is some info for everyone attending tomorrow nights sold out show at the Northcote Social Club. Jordie Lane and I can’t wait to play some toons for yas!

Doors are at 7:30. Show starts 8pm sharp!! There are no supports.

Either Jordie or I will start (depending on the result of a coin toss). Two short solo sets and then a duo set to round out the night.

The other news is that we’ll be running a raffle to raise funds for the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC), who do such incredible and important work for people seeking asylum in Australia.

Prizes include:
– Brilliant 2017 albums from our mates (and two of our very favourites) Jen Cloher and Pony Face, and various merch items from Jordie and me
-2 glass pieces from Melbourne artist Nadia Mercuri
-$40 voucher from CERES Environment Park
-2 decorative English made bone china tea cups and saucers
-2 books written by the hilarious Denise Scott Official Page (Jordie’s mum).
-$40 voucher from Le Café Flo in Thornbury

Tickets are $5 each or three for $10. Let’s smash this as hard as we can!!!

Tickets will be available before the show and during the set breaks and winners will be drawn directly before the last set of the night.

Can’t wait to see youse. X


December 19, 2017

Keeping it in the fam – Festival of Small Halls



I’m writing this in Yeppoon, a small coastal town in Queensland near Rockhampton. The view out of the hotel window is pretty good. Straight onto the ocean across the road. But I’m inside trying to book a car with frequent flyer points. Turns out that’s disproportionately time consuming.

The glamour of touring. I’ll definitely be getting in that water I can see out the window though. At some point.

We’re up to gig 17 or something. I’ve stopped counting. Even when I was counting I was doing it incorrectly. So 17 sounds about right. I’ve been on the road for most of this year. Extremes in climate and coffee quality. And extremes, also, in mental health levels and in my extraordinary ability (some would say talent) to lose possessions, even after all these years of being on the road. I’m not winning the latter battle, at this point. The former, though, I’m holding my own in by swimming every day. I drive sometimes an entire hour round trip, before anyone else is awake, to the closest lap pool to get a kilometer into the arms. And early sun on the back. To gently force the mind to move in a straight line, instead of turning in a circle, down into itself. I think that might make me somewhat of an idiot, to get up that early, but being the only person swimming in an old, tiled pool in a tiny regional town just after dawn continues to bring me inexorable joy. I may as well take advantage of this particular kind of idiocy while it lasts.

It’s the Festival of Small Halls tour that’s rounding out the year for me. Twenty shows (I think, clearly I’m not sure…) through regional QLD, the (massive) region of Australia that I’ve toured the least in. Holy shit. What a delight to be somewhere so familiar I can feel it in my body and yet so utterly new. Driving for hours past cane fields. Scrubby, red dirt country that morphs into lush, tangled jungle, ticking with the tiny comings and goings of tropical creatures and birds that cry out at night. The eye can’t see the change, and only stares in wonder at how the country is ‘suddenly different’. It’s hot. Thick heat. Around the clock. Beautiful and complicated and hot.

I’m on the road with three travelling companions, the Festival Of Small Halls crew. These shows have been microcosms of country Australia. I’ve never said the word ‘community’ so many times in a short period. That’s the concept that FOSH is built around, the idea that people want somewhere to congregate and be together. In the 1950s and 60s, light spilled from these halls several nights a month. Dances, New Years Eve parties, weddings. This was followed by long years of quiet, as the dust gathered and flying foxes began to nest in the roofs. Maybe this quiet coincided with everyone getting a tele at home. Maybe priorities changed. But now, decades later, a collective yearning for togetherness has seen these beautiful buildings being dusted off, and bunting strung up, old roads opened, car parks marked out on grassy verges, cakes baked, best shoes put on, sausages grilled and curries cooked in massive, blackened pots, and old friends and neighbours shaking hands and kissing smiling cheeks as they arrive from their homes, having driven, in some cases, hundreds of kilometres for the occasion.

The formal part of the evening begins. A welcome to country. And then sometimes a local musician performs, or an acrobatic troupe, or a politician from the region. Then we play songs. Maybe some of these punters sit in the rows of chairs in the hall that they learned to dance in, or behind which they kissed their first sweetheart, and allow themselves to drift back to older days, and feel the smooth boards under their feet and the timber beams above their heads. A rare moment of suspended time among country that’s been in drought for years, or ravaged by coal-mining, or developed to welcome whole new populations, babies born, loved ones seen off. Slow change, like the country outside our window while we travel between these towns. Changes that are imperceptible in the moment, but profound in their sum.

It’s a simple privilege to provide music for these scenes every night. And I’m grateful for being the recipient of often tender and vulnerable post-show stories from so many of these locals. I guess I spilled my guts, so they feel safe to do the same. And that’s what propels me to keep touring so much. Maybe more structure and less chaos would be easier to manage for my, at times, unstable disposition. But this is the way I want to live. Even with the fourteen hour drives and the shitty wifi and the missing my people and my old haunts. I make jokes about being from Melbourne at these shows, that I wear black a lot, that I’m a coffee snob. Both things are absolutely and somewhat embarrassingly true, in my case… And, particularly on this tour, I am acutely aware of how different the Australia that I grew up in is to the one these locals know, and how many things that preoccupy and worry me in the city fade into an barely perceptible water colour out here.

I will always continue to have a lot more to learn.



Photo by my touring buddy, Vance Gilbert from Boston, Massachusetts. Taken in Ilfracombe, QLD

December 8, 2017

X-mas Show with Jordie Lane Announced Today!!



My dear friend Jordie Lane and I are playing a special End of Year show at the Northcote Social Club on Wednesday, December 20th.

We’ll be playing some old favourites, some new tunes, definitely a few together, and reminiscing about our musical friendship, which spans almost 12 years now.

After our two sold out shows at the Bella Union at a similar time last year, we’re pretty confident this show will sell quick, so we’re urging everyone to grab tickets now. You can click HERE for tix.

Both Jordie and I will be off to North America – Jordie to Los Angeles and me to Toronto – for extended periods following this show, so this may be our last respective Melbourne headline gigs for some time.

Can’t wait, it’s going to be a fun one x

October 2, 2017

My Last Show at the Incredible Caravan Music Club SATURDAY 23RD SEPT

The Caravan Music Club, in Oakleigh in the south east of Melbourne, is closing its doors after years of being, in my opinion, the best live music venue in Australia. Which is incredibly sad. BUT, my buddy Mel Parsons and I get to tread the boards one more time at our show on Saturday 23rd of September, the Melbourne leg of our Across The Ditch tour.


Tickets are selling fast. Come and celebrate an incredible venue and two songwriters that love it very much!!

Click HERE for tickets.

X Stringzy


September 16, 2017

Across The Ditch Tour with Mel Parsons (NZ) begins NEXT WEEK!!

Mel & Liz_Combined image- NO TEXT


I’m writing this in Nashville and I’m preparing, slowly, to return to Australia for a hectic few months of touring! I’m pretty pumped, and I’m hoping that my beloved Melbourne will have warmed up a bit!!

Mel Parsons, a kick-arse songwriter from just outside Christchurch on New Zealand’s stunning south island, and I will be joining forces for a cross-Tasman tour, taking in dates in Vic, SA, NSW and the south island of NZ during September and October. Here are the dates (full details on the SHOWS page).

21st Sept – Adelaide, SA

22nd Sept – Adelaide, SA

23rd Sept – Melbourne, VIC

24th Sept – Beechworth, VIC

27th Sept – Maitland*, NSW

28th Sept – Lennox Head, NSW

29th Sept – Glenreagh, NSW

30th Sept – Dashville Skyline Festival**, NSW

5th Oct – Geraldine, NZ

6th Oct – Twizel, NZ

7th Oct – Queenstown, NZ

8th Oct – Wanaka, NZ

9th Oct – Okarito, NZ

10th Oct – Westport, NZ

11th Oct – Golden Bay, NZ

12th Oct – Nelson, NZ

13th Oct – Amberley, NZ

14th Oct – Hororata, NZ


*Liz only  / **Mel only


We’re looking to forward to seeing you Xx