My first ever live album and DVD is being released today! You can go directly to the SHOP page on this website to purchase a hard copy or a digital version. We’ll also be stocking selected record stores. Basement discs in Melbourne will have copies as of today and we’ll keep you updated as stock arrives at other friendly record stores around the country.

I hope you enjoy it. I was lucky to work with amazing people to make it happen and it feels great to have a document of the night and of all the people that were in the room to help make it a special one.

October 20, 2014


Finally! It’s time to announce the release of my first live album and
DVD, Live at The Yarra, with a national solo tour throughout November.

The show was filmed at the Yarra Hotel in May this year. Here’s a little trailer to give you a taste…

To launch the release (comprising 10 tracks from the gig) I’ll be
playing solo, life imitating art imitating life if you will, and
travelling around the country.

For a full list of the gigs and ticket links to go my SHOWS PAGE .

The official release of the DVD/album is Monday 20th October.
Hard copies will only be available though my website
and digital copies of the album through iTunes and Bandcamp.

There’ll also be limited runs at our friends Basement Discs in Melbourne
and Black Cat Music in Brisbane. And of course, I’ll have heaps of
copies at all of the gigs, so that’s probably the best place to snap one

Thanks so much to everyone who came along on the night and to those who
showed their enthusiasm even though you couldn’t be there. I’m truly
grateful for the support.

You can check out the first single and clip from the album, “Children”, here:

September 14, 2014

Europe 2014

Van and I are back in Germany. I lived in Deutschland for a few years many years ago and it’s such a joy to be here again, the second time in two years. I’m writing this in Dortmund. We played at Subrosa last night and we’re hanging out in the artists accommodation before we head off to Leipzig for our show tonight.

We’ll be in Berlin for a few days, playing a show with our mate Lucie Thorne at Culture Container on Sunday evening and then we head south to Vienna to play at the Americana Fest next Thursday the 18th. It’s a beautiful time of year over here. The leaves are beginning to turn and fall. Lovely x


September 11, 2014

Livingstone Daisies are on the road!

The Daisies are about town this month launching our second album “Waiting On The Last Minute” around Victoria. I’ll be opening a couple of the shows with Van Walker playing some of each of our songs acoustic duo style. Here are the dates:

*Liz and Van opening show

Friday 15th of August: Baha Tacos, Rye $10 at the door. Details HERE *

Saturday 16th of August: Barwon Heads Bowling Club with special guest Alison Ferrier $20 at the door or pre-book tickets through: 0416119240/ Doors at 7pm. Wood Fired Pizza available!

Friday 22nd of August: Old Hepburn Hotel, Hepburn Springs. $10 at the door. Details HERE *

Saturday 23rd August: Gasometer Hotel, Collingwood with special guests the Dead Salesmen duo. Tickets are HERE

You can go to the DAISIES FACEBOOK PAGE for show information and all the details about the new album.

The new album is a cracker! We’d love to see you! xx

Livingstone Daisies press 1

August 12, 2014

Vandemonian Lags in Adelaide!!

I’ve been rehearsing at Bakehouse studios all week with the cast of Vandemonian Lags. It’s a pretty incredible line-up, really. Mick Thomas, Van Walker, Ben Salter, Tim Rogers, Brian Nankervis, Sal Kimber, Michael Barclay, Squeezebox Wally, Jeff Lang, Andy Reid, Shelley Short and Darren Hanlon. I have such a musical/artistic crush on everyone in the cast it’s been an absolute joy.

A while back Mick asked a few of us to adapt some sourced convict histories to song. To cut a long story short, a few years later, due to Mick and his brother Steve’s hard work, we were performing the stage show that incorporated all of these stories and songs three times as part of Dark Mofo, a festival put on by MONA (Museum of old and new art), once in Launceston and twice in Hobart. Needless to say it was a powerful experience. It’s a very moving piece of work. I’ve been reduced to shivers and tears several times, playing the banjo, guitar or keys while one these extraordinary artists sings their song.

I’m thrilled to be doing it again next Wednesday at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival. We’re all hoping that we get to bring the show to other cities in the future too. I could quite happily work with this mob for months at a stretch. But we’ll see what happens.

If you’re in Adelaide come along. You won’t regret a single minute.

June 13, 2014

Fully live

I need good YouTube content. As a member of the age group that has one foot planted firmly on the pre-internet side of the fence and the other on the ‘if I want to listen to something I go straight to Youtube’ side, I’ve finally decided to bite the bullet. I’ve come to terms with the fact that, although I feel inherently uncomfortable about being on camera, it’ll be useful for people to be able to go to a site and see me doing ‘my thing’. And therefor, hopefully, useful for me.

So next Tuesday night I will be attempting something I’ve never tried before… Standing in front of cameras for a whole gig. We’re going to film and record a solo show with the view to release a live solo album/DVD later in the year. And release a few clips to YouTube. I decided I wanted to do it at the Yarra in Abbotsford, Melbourne. I’ve played a couple of gigs in that room and hung out there a bunch and I feel comfortable within its old high walls. It’s a cool looking bar too. Lots to look at. I’ve got very talented friends, led by Tim McCormack, who have put together a film crew and Nigel Swifte, me old mate, will be looking after the sound.

There are a few tickets left (see the gig section of the website). It’s on Tuesday night next week. I’ve got this weekend to become even more nervous about it. (Not as nervous as I am about Hawks versus Port Adelaide on Saturday night.) And ultimately, we’re just trying to capture a completely normal gig. I reckon I’ll be able to forget about the cameras and the lights and just play and sing. That’s the plan anyway…

May 22, 2014

Cairns show cancelled due to Cyclone Ita.

Unfortunately we won’t be playing in Cairns tonight due to the effects of Cyclone Ita. We’re all thinking of everything in the affected areas in FNQ tonight and over the next few days.

We hope to come back to Cairns soon. x

April 11, 2014

Heading out with the DSC crew…

Mia, Jen, Tim, Danny, Jason and I are off to Cairns tomorrow! It’s SO MUCH FUN to be playing with these guys again, with Jase behind the mixing desk making us sound good. Gumball Festival on Saturday is one I’ve been looking forward to for a while. What a wicked little festival. Still contained enough, punter numbers wise, to feel like it’s an awesome secret, with a line-up, and a crew, that any major festival would be jealous of! Can’t wait!

Then we’re off to Blues Fest. I’ve heard a lot about this festival. Never been myself… I’ve heard we get ferried to and from the stages on some kind of buggy-type vehicles. That better not just be a rumour…

D, S and C have already started making plans for some stuff happening later in the year. All will be revealed sometime soon. We’ll see you over the next two weeks if you’re somewhere we’ll be playing!

April 10, 2014


My plans to write another diary entry while I was still in the States didn’t come to fruition. Not surprising really. That was a hectic, eventful ten days. It’s now exactly a month since Cat and I set off on our Folk Alliance trip. I believe I left proceedings just before the showcases of the conference were about to start…

I was suddenly struck with an attack of unfamiliar nerves. I’d never participated in something like this music conference before and, although the idea of playing ‘showcases’ was never something I was particularly comfortable with, being imminently faced with them I began to experience mild panic. The foyer of the hotel was filling with literally thousands of musicians and ‘industry people’, everyone from operators of tiny festivals to label bosses and North American booking agents. I made a half hearted attempt to mingle with the arriving guests but quickly piked, not even the allure of free alcohol preventing me from ‘chucking a ghosty’ and alighting the stairs to our room to play guitar. The musicians appeared to be predominantly from Canada or the USA, with the odd European/British band and a small but robust Australian/NZ contingent including Jordie Lane and Clare Reynolds, Henry Wagons, Daniel Champagne, Wes Carr, The Mae Trio and kiwis Mel Parsons and guitarist Andy Moore.

All in all I played ten showcases, none of them lasting longer than 25 minutes. All of the Folk Alliance registered musicians were given one ‘official showcase’, the rest were all conducted in private rooms from floors 5 to 7 of the hotel.

The official showcases took place in the conference rooms of the hotel on the first and mezzanine floors. Mine was in ‘Union Hill’, a strange, rectangular room the width of two trams next to each other and about as long. The lighting could be best described as dull neon (think 7 Eleven with all but two of the fluoro tubes blown) and the PA was modest but enough for the mostly solo and duo acts. I played for about 25 minutes. Four songs (there’s nothing like very short sets to drive home to me – again – just how long my songs are…). It went well. I think. There’s not much to gauge it on. I’ve gathered that, at events like these, there tends to be buzz artists that people flock to see. Their showcases are all rammed full and the audience goes wild at the end of each song. For the other thousands of musos, me included, the affair is a little more subdued. People clapped and seemed to like it. I didn’t break a string or, to bring to fruition my worst fear of being on stage, spew, so I considered the affair a success.

The private showcase floors are a throbbing maze of corridors choked with instruments and musicians. (I”ve never seen so many double basses in one place.) It’s a highly energetic scene. All of the showcases are unplugged but, miraculously, it was still easy to hear people play even while the din of half cut musicians was crashing like choppy surf out in the halls. Some people register to host a private showcase room to make contacts that benefit their own musical career, some do it to find new acts for their publishing house/festival/venue. Rooms were often decorated with lights, swathes of material and platters of sweets and snacks, the beds (usually) pushed to the corner of the room and chairs brought in for the (modestly sized) audience. Running a room like this is not for the faint hearted. The hosts sleep in the rooms too, usually not getting to bed (or at least having any peace) until four or five in the morning. So in every room on those three floors (I’m guessing here but I’d say at least 150 in total) a parade of musicians showcased for around 15 minutes each from 10:30 pm until 2 or 3 in the morning.

My favourite were the In The Round sets. Three to four musicians going song for song. I got to do four of those, including one with Jordie in which we worked out that it’s almost ten years since our very first gig together. It was a strange and touching moment jamming on songs with him in a hotel room in Kansas City that we played so often in the Brunswick Hotel years and years ago.

I met some great people. I bonded straight away with the Canadian people I met, almost without exception. And I got around to see some fantastic music. The highlight for me, an unexpected one, was Dan Bern, a songwriter from Ohio. Whether a misprint in the program or an error on Cats’ and my part, we thought we were in this particularly conference room to see someone else play. Dan started and I wasn’t hugely impressed but by the end of the second song I was transfixed; laughing, weeping and completely swept up by his songs. A delightful discovery.

The conference ended and we packed up and flew to LA where we spent two days. The trip was a brief and full one. It was so great to be in America for the first time and I look forward to getting back there, whenever that might happen.

March 17, 2014

Liz Stringer – FAI Schedule


11:40pm – 12:00am – Lost Hollow Room #756


10:30pm – 11:00pm – Access Film Music ITR #655
11:30pm – 11:50pm – Access Film Music #655
1:00am – 1:20am – Auscan Music Spotlight #535
1:30am – 2:15am – House Of Romanoff ITR #720


11:20pm – 11:40pm – Auscan Music Spotlight #535
1:00am – 1:30am – Canada Gold #540


3:00pm – 4pm – Auscan Songwriters ITR #535
10:30pm – 11:00pm – La La Land Showcase #554
12:50am – 1:10am – Yukon Roots Room #541

February 20, 2014