Bon Voyage show at the NSC July 5th

Winter’s set in. And good on it. I love the cold weather and the cosiness of being inside when it’s hammering down sleety rain outside. Delightful. Having said that I have managed to find myself in the position where I’ll miss most of the Australian winter when I head off to the US in July to start recording my 5th studio album (in Portland, Oregon) and then head up to Canada for six odd weeks of gigs. My first tour in the region. I can’t wait. Pretty much the only things I’m taking are my Ugg boots. Everything else I intend to buy there. Apparently the Op Shops are crazy good and very cheap. Look out…

Liz StringerNSC

To have a little party before I go I thought I’d play a gig at the old favourite, the Northcote Social Club in Melbourne. Adam and Tim will join me and the fantastic Brooke Russell will be opening the show. It’s a Sunday afternoon affair. Hopefully it’ll be sleeting outside so we can cosy up together for the afternoon! And then stop sleeting when everyone has to ride home later… The presale ticket link is in the Shows section of my website. I recommend booking for this one because it’ll be the last gig for many months in Melbourne.

I’ll also be playing an intimate house concert in Collingwood on Friday the 12th of June. There are limited tickets and all info is available in the Shows section too.

x Liz

June 1, 2015

Fairbridge playing times – LIZ IS NOT PLAYING FRIDAY NIGHT

Hi folks,

For those in WA heading to Fairbridge Music Festival this weekend, here are my playing times. I’m not actually playing on Friday night, as previously advertised in the Shows section of

Here are the two sets Liz will be playing over the weekend:

Saturday 11th April: Mandja 2pm

Sunday 12th April: Djindalux 2pm


x Liz

April 10, 2015

Memo Music Hall!!

15.04.18 Liz Stringer Memo Small


Autumn is upon us. I love it so much. I just spent a lovely Easter playing at the Bealiba Blues ‘n’ Cruise fest in beautiful central Victoria on Easter Saturday and then spent the second half of the time at Boogie Festival near Tallarook. We live in a lovely part of the world. And the footy’s back. Yesssssss.

I’m so excited to be playing a band show with my long time collaborator Adam May on drums and our talented friend Alics Gates Eastley on bass to officially open this great new venue, the Memo in St Kilda on Saturday the 18th of April. The Memo is run by our friends out at the Caravan in Oakleigh, so it’s bound to be another ripper. Krista Polvere will be the opening the show too. If you go to the SHOWS link on this website you’ll find links to more info and tickets there.

For WA mob, I’ll be at Fairbridge Festival this weekend. I haven’t been over to the West since the Live at The Yarra tour last year, and I’m so happy to be coming back.

x Liz

April 7, 2015


So here we are. I feel disoriented, like the football should be on at the moment or something, it’s so cold! I must say I’m loving it though. It’s no secret that I don’t like hot Melbourne summers. I don’t mind heat at all, really. I just don’t like it when it comes to ME. So I’m enjoying sitting here and typing this with my ugg boots on, sipping on a cup of tea. Van Walker and I are off to Tasmania tomorrow. Off to, among other places, the town that my forbearers used to live in, Sheffield. I can’t wait for some good Tassie air. And a scallop pie. Although, to be truthful, I’ve never actually had a scallop pie and the thought of one makes me feel slightly ill. So rich! But when in Rome…

Feb is shaping up as a good month. I hope to see you out and about somewhere soon


x Liz

February 4, 2015

On the Road with the Waifs

10731068_802948719765222_4687611760695718579_n The ‘Live at The Yarra’ tour is now over. It flew by. A whole month of fun. Thanks SO much to everyone who came to the shows and who let me crash in their spare rooms, who fed me, let me use their wifi and tolerated my weird reclusiveness during the times I was finishing a grant. I had such a fantastic time on this tour and got to play some new places as well as some old favourites. It’s one to remember, that’s for sure. I’m about to head off for seven gigs with the Waifs, opening the shows for them and generally getting to enjoy their excellent music. It’s been ages since I’ve seen them live and I can’t wait. I’ll be opening the Thirroul, Canberra, Bangalow, Miami, Caloundra, Rockhampton and Hobart shows. When I return to Melbourne on the 12th of December I’ll be heading straight down to Meeniyan with Mia Dyson and Jen Cloher to play a Dyson Stringer Cloher gig in that wonderful hall and then head back to Melbourne to play at Howler in Brunswick on the 13th. And on the 17th of December the Livingstone Daisies play our last gig for the year, a Christmas show at the Yarra Hotel. It’s been a packed second half of the year and I feel very grateful to be doing such interesting stuff. I’m loving it.

December 1, 2014

It’s Victoria’s turn!


The album launch tour is going great so far. It’s a different experience being out on the road on my own but an enjoyable one nonetheless. There’s friends in every town. So far I’ve played in Castlemaine VIC, Tanunder SA, Adelaide SA, Darwin NT and Fremantle WA. The weather has been everything between VERY HOT and pretty cold (SA you surprised me with your chilliness) but the crowds have been consistently lovely.

This weekend it’s time for the home games. I play Thornbury Theatre on Friday night and then Healesville Music Festival on Saturday (on the Memo Stage at 3pm) followed by Saints and Sailors in Portarlington on Sunday (also an arvo gig). It feels like a long time since I’ve played a headline show in Melbs. Perhaps the last one was the filming of ‘Live at The Yarra’ back in May. The year has flown, and the racing of time seems compounded by how much I’ve been travelling. I’m enjoying the moments I’ve got at home right now until I leave again next Wednesday bound for Sydney and beyond…

November 12, 2014

‘Live at The Yarra’ Album Tour starts today!

I’m so excited to kick off the launch tour tonight in Castlemaine. It’ll be a joy to bring the album to you around the country and celebrate the amazing job the film, sound, art and management crew have done to make this whole project happen. Click on the album cover to go straight to my Bandcamp site to buy the newy. And go to the SHOWS section of this website for all of the tour details.

I’ll also be touring with the Waifs in December and will be coming to even more towns, so if I’m not near you in November chances are I will be in December! I hope to see you soon xx


October 31, 2014


My first ever live album and DVD is being released today! You can go directly to the SHOP page on this website to purchase a hard copy or a digital version. We’ll also be stocking selected record stores. Basement discs in Melbourne will have copies as of today and we’ll keep you updated as stock arrives at other friendly record stores around the country.

I hope you enjoy it. I was lucky to work with amazing people to make it happen and it feels great to have a document of the night and of all the people that were in the room to help make it a special one.

October 20, 2014


Finally! It’s time to announce the release of my first live album and
DVD, Live at The Yarra, with a national solo tour throughout November.

The show was filmed at the Yarra Hotel in May this year. Here’s a little trailer to give you a taste…

To launch the release (comprising 10 tracks from the gig) I’ll be
playing solo, life imitating art imitating life if you will, and
travelling around the country.

For a full list of the gigs and ticket links to go my SHOWS PAGE .

The official release of the DVD/album is Monday 20th October.
Hard copies will only be available though my website
and digital copies of the album through iTunes and Bandcamp.

There’ll also be limited runs at our friends Basement Discs in Melbourne
and Black Cat Music in Brisbane. And of course, I’ll have heaps of
copies at all of the gigs, so that’s probably the best place to snap one

Thanks so much to everyone who came along on the night and to those who
showed their enthusiasm even though you couldn’t be there. I’m truly
grateful for the support.

You can check out the first single and clip from the album, “Children”, here:

September 14, 2014

Europe 2014

Van and I are back in Germany. I lived in Deutschland for a few years many years ago and it’s such a joy to be here again, the second time in two years. I’m writing this in Dortmund. We played at Subrosa last night and we’re hanging out in the artists accommodation before we head off to Leipzig for our show tonight.

We’ll be in Berlin for a few days, playing a show with our mate Lucie Thorne at Culture Container on Sunday evening and then we head south to Vienna to play at the Americana Fest next Thursday the 18th. It’s a beautiful time of year over here. The leaves are beginning to turn and fall. Lovely x


September 11, 2014